SafeHeart Counseling
Therapy for Children and Teens
in Glendale, Arizona

As a parent, you’ve been agonizing over not knowing how to help your child anymore

As a teen, you’ve been struggling each day with a battle raging inside your mind & body

You feel like you’re drowning in all the anxious thoughts and emotions. Everything feels out of control and overwhelming. You feel like you’re not “good enough” and that you’re always disappointing yourself and others. You believe there’s something wrong with you, and you don’t understand why you can’t feel “just like everyone else.” You're ready to let go of all the worry and overthinking.


Eating Disorders

Feeling out of control and don't recognize yourself? Learn the tools you need to break free from judgment and start the journey to self-acceptance. I can help you find a way back to yourself.


Avoiding situations, over planning, and feeling out of control makes life much less enjoyable. I can help you experience the world in a more inviting and less overwhelming way.


Living through highly stressful events can make it difficult to connect to others, trust others, and even trust ourselves. I provide a safe space for you to reconnect to yourself and others.


Hi, I'm Devan.
I work with children and teens 6-18 who are struggling with finding their identity and the anxiety and overwhelm that may cause. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone involved as we work together to help you live the life you deserve.