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Therapy for Anxiety

Have you felt frozen by fear, tense with anxiety, and have a mind that races with all the constant worry?

Day in and day out, life seems more and more scary. Things that used to be manageable, no longer feel that way. You start avoiding things, over-planning, or white-knuckling certain situations with so much worry in your heart. It’s hard to sleep and difficult to share with others what's really going on. Know that you aren’t alone in this experience, and this doesn’t have to continue to be your life.

Through therapy you can learn to

  • Walk confidently into situations that used to be stressful

  • Feel more in control of your thoughts, feelings, and body

  • Stop having to jump through hoops to manage everyday

  • Have more balance and harmony in your life

  • Be more connected to yourself and your loved ones

In sessions with me, we explore what we can and can’t control, and how to make peace with the things we can’t. You will learn to have awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and body to be more in tune with how you experience the world. We will work on acceptance and self-compassion to help alleviate anxious feelings.

I may also utilize EMDR Therapy if appropriate to help with reprocessing certain beliefs or events on your life. EMDR Therapy is an evidenced based therapy that helps you reprocess difficult events or core beliefs that feel “stuck” and get in the way of you experiencing a more joyous life.

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