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Therapy for Eating Disorders

Feeling out of control and like you don't recognize who you are anymore?

If you're reading this, I imagine the daily pressures of life along with the need to do everything right and be "perfect" became too much. Food becomes something to comfort, numb, or restrain from. Soon all you are able to do is think about, plan around, and focus on is food and body image. Sound familiar? This doesn’t have to be your life.

Through therapy, you can learn to

  • Let go of food ruling your life

  • Stop living up to unrealistic “perfect” expectations

  • Explore your identity without basing it solely off outward appearances

  • Accept yourself

  • Have better boundaries in relationships

  • Find more balance in your life

In sessions with me, we explore factors in your life that may have contributed to the overwhelm you felt, causing you to turn to your eating disorder for solace. We will explore beliefs you hold about yourself, the world, and others that greatly affects how you experience the world. Exploring body image, perception, and comparison will also be key.


I may also utilize EMDR Therapy if appropriate to help with reprocessing certain beliefs or events on your life. EMDR Therapy is an evidenced based therapy that helps you reprocess difficult events or core beliefs that feel “stuck” and get in the way of you experiencing a more balanced life.

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